DNA Rewiring For Success

Do Just This One Thing To Completely Rewire Your DNA For SUCCESS

In order to tell you how to do it, you need to understand its significance. And let me try to demonstrate that to you by a short story which I witnessed.  

Years ago, I was staying in another city by myself for continuing my studies. I was short on cash so I chose to stay in a smaller community where I could afford to live.  

The community was smaller and jam packed with a lot of people. And many were staying there so that it’s easily accessible to the workplaces nearby.  

There was one girl, tall, in her early 30s. She was staying in the same community. She had her workplace about 2 miles from the place.  

She had a tailoring shop that she was running. And few people for her home would do the tailoring work which she would have to come get from them from time to time.  

Since its long way to walk each time for smaller errands and this was way before the cell phones were so readily available.  

Therefore she devised a way to reduce the time for running the errands. Again, it was facilitated due to the way the entire area was built.  

Right across the street from her workplace, there was another community, which if you were to cross, you would reach the border between our community and this another community.  

Both places were divided by a 4 and a half feet high concrete wall. but there was no way to cross the wall from anywhere.  

 She would therefore everyday cross the road, comes at the wall and wait for someone to pass by. And then she would say, “excuse me, sir, would you please call someone from my home?”  

And this would go on for 5-6 days of the week (I assumed that were here workdays). Everyday she would repeat the same routine, some of the days she would come more often other days, once.  

And she was usually in luck, as she would find someone, especially kids playing around, so that was a sweet deal for her to save some time.  


I was renting the place which was exactly at the corner of both communities. Therefore if I am at home, I could hear her voice. Some of the days, if I’m standing outside or something, I would help her out.  

And this went on for… I don’t remember but it was months that I had noticed this occurring on a regular basis.  

  How Do I Know This?  

Now one fine night, the wall collapsed. Completely. Destructing the vehicles and other property of people on our side.  

People from both sides argued in the morning as to whose fault it was and whom to blame for the property destruction and so on.  

To avoid further conflict, the resultant debris was cleared immediately but there was no consensus about who’s going to build the wall again and who’s at fault.  


  Now here’s something interesting happened.  

A few days later, I was talking to some of my friends, the same girl came around noon and she did her usual routine, "excuse me, would you please call someone from my home?” I looked at her, amused.  

I decided to play along and I thought it was some sort of practical prank or something. Because I could clearly see her feet, right at the edge of both communities, where the wall used to stand just a day before.  

Somebody came from her house, they both spoke at the same line where they used to exchange greetings and materials. After minute or two, they both left.  

I saw the same thing happened few more times and I didn’t quite realize what was happening. So one fine day, I was outside and she asked me to call someone from her house again, at this time, I said, “There’s no wall now, you can go to your house if you want.”  

She was baffled for a moment, looked at me confused and next moment.. she took one step to enter our community and walk to her house.  

Never did I see her again at the same point waiting for someone to come, because there was no wall anymore!  


The point of the story is that we all have certain patterns of behaviors which got stuck to us, and even in the face of the new reality we do not try to change these behaviors. In this case, I am not saying I did something great by pointing out to her what was very obvious to everyone.  

But she conditioned herself all this while, to wait at the line, which was a solid line at the time made of concrete. And it was therefore extremely out of the box for her to think of Crossing this line.  

Therefore even after the collapse of the actual physical wall, she wasn’t able to cross it. But once she realized, she can cross it, if she wants to. After that, there was no stopping to her or no more need of instructions from anyone.  

In the same way, we all have created some imaginary and some invalid assumptions about ourself and we are ourselves hindering our growth. These limiting Beliefs, stop us from reaching our true potential.  

Just as, the water will flow in full force if even a single gate of the water dam is open, in the same way, breaking even one single limiting b

so how do you do this rewiring?

We have to act in 2 phases. First to identify the limiting beliefs in our life that are holding us back from moving towards our desired lifestyle. And second to eliminate it from the roots so no such new limits come from this source again. 

I created a worksheet to help you with this process. Click on the button below to download the worksheet. 

To get started, let’s choose one area of your life, any one. Let’s say your career. Most of the things that we take as facts, may have been facts in the past, may never have been facts at all. What such pseudo facts you can identify?  

We get information from different sources and start forming them as facts in our minds. And this comes from a variety of sources including, friends, family, colleagues, TV, news, internet, something you overheard someone saying, etc.  

Much of this advice may not be directly useful to you and in some ways might be acting as limiting factors for your growth. What such sources can you identify that you consume on a regular basis and are creating limits for you?  

Identify and decide to remove them from your mental diet. Meaning, you decide to avoid getting information from such sources. Ex. you could simply turn off news from your life and see if it makes a difference. 

Download the worksheet and work with it to identify and remove your limiting beliefs. And let me know how it goes for you.