From time to time we are faced with situations where we are supposed to do the tasks which we find boring. as long as they are temporary, we don’t mind much and we are just focused on getting it done as soon as possible.

However, if we find our regular job, as boring, then life becomes very frustrating. because this is the type of situation which does not end soon. Lets explore how to approach the regular job in such a case, in this article of, “how to do the boring job and the myth of Sisyphus”

sisyphus was the King in the Greek Mythology. who was punished for his deceitful activities. his punishment was that, he’s forced to roll a giant boulder, a huge rock, up the hill. only to watch it roll down and hit him. And he was to do this act continuously. It means, sisyphus was constantly rolling the boulder up the hill, and as it is about to reach the top, it would come down and hit him. And he would have to start it over again.

Clearly that’s the most meaningless task that anyone had been doing and that too for such a long time. Without seeing any results, without feeling any progress.

Just like sisyphus, in our life, either in job or elsewhere, we find tasks that we have to do on a regular basis which seem meaningless. And unlike sisyphus, we tend to get discouraged when we start feeling it that way. we get discouraged, we get demotivated, and we start to hate that task.

let’s talk about the job for a minute. sometimes, when we are not feeling that our worth is appreciated here, or if we feel that my job is meaningless as its not producing much results… we tend to get discouraged and start to feel demotivated to do the job. and we start to hate that job.

if you find yourself in such a situation where you are bound to do a particular task or job and you are not able to do it with happy face, then I want to tell you this. It’s okay to feel this way. The situations are not suitable always and due to variety of reasons you might be feeling stuck and demotivated at your current job.

And it’s completely okay. Office politics is often times not a pleasant thing to deal with. Add to that if the boss is always shouting and treating you and other employees with subpar behaviour then clearly it’s tough to feel any ounce of motivation in the job.

However for one or the other reason, if you are doing the job despite the hurdles that you are facing then it means, you have some strong reasons. But if you are gonna do the job anyways, then let’s try this.

try this. Try finding the reasons why its meaningful. Clearly your job is much much more meaningful than that of the sisyphus. It’s just that we tend to overlook the factors which make our job meaningful to us.

You will instantly find the meaning in your job. The real meaning. Maybe its important because you get to develop a particular skill set that’s required for your future. maybe its important because you get to feed your family with the salary you get. maybe its important because you get to serve your clients with the best service possible and thereby spreading happiness in their life. it could be many reasons, just find those for yourself.

And instead of framing ourselves by saying, “this is very boring and dead end job”. try asking yourself this question. “what are the 10 reasons I love my job?” If you can stick with yourself till you find the 10 reasons, you will be on track to look at your job in a whole new light.

because unlike sisyphus, you have an can choose. If this is not the right job for you then you can get it changed. you can find a new job. but if you just feel little down or demotivated by the way things have been going lately, then you can find rejuvenation through this little exercise.

One note, we have acknowledged all the hurdles that are present. we are not saying, they don’t exist anymore, but despite that we are deciding to focus on the things that make this job meaningful. we are choosing to focus on what matters.

And once you find your reasons, you shall find more meaning in your job. With this new found meaning, you are bound to feel more motivated and energetic to do your job. And if you were to start doing your job this way, the joy will also spread to your personal life as well. Thereby making you thoroughly a happier person.