There come numerous times in each of our life when we are stressed. Severely stressed. Due to one thing or the other. And it becomes very hard to even function normally.
For the rest of the people in the family, in office, in society, we try to act normal. But inside, we are burdened by the stress constantly. The thoughts related to it keep running in our mind.

The overthinking chatter keeps on going inside. and we go into sort of depression and have a hard time getting over it.

To solve this problem, we just have to steer our thinking in a different direction. What happens when you are severely stressed?

We tend to run the same situations which caused us the stress over and over in our mind. we overthink about it. Most often these thought patterns portray a negative future outcome.
Due to which we get even more stressed and start going into the depression.

You would know it by your own experience as well. Therefore to overcome the stress, one of the things that we can see is to cut this overthinking pattern and constant chatter about the topic which causes us the stress.

What to do? Just tell ourself, “forget about it”? That’s easier said than done. and even if we forget about it, unless the situation is resolved it’s not gonna leave us alone.

Therefore we got to cut the problem at its roots. I have observed that when we are in the stressful environment we are not able to think clearly. And the problem at hand looks larger than the life.

The best possible solution, therefore, starts with first understanding what we are dealing with here.

And we can do that, by sitting down and writing the situation. By understanding what’s ACTUALLY causing the problem.

If we just keep thinking in our brain instead of thinking on the paper, our mind will keep finding negative future outcomes and keep spinning in circles.

Therefore you need to start finding the solution by first writing the situation down.

As you are writing it down and you look at the paper, some things start to become very clear in your mind.
* most often you would find that the situation isn’t that bad at all.

* And not only that but as soon as you show a clear picture to yourself, your mind now automatically starts finding the solutions for it.

* What I recommend doing now is to look at the possible solutions you are coming up with.. And decide to take action on the first item of the solution.

That’s the best way to deal with the severely stressful situation in 3 simple steps.
1 write it down.
2. identify the possible solutions.
3. commit to taking action on the first step.

Whatever type of situation that you get into, all you can do about it,
* is how you perceive it.
* what action you take on it.

In many of the cases, we can look at the entire situation as a “learning lesson”, or “mistakes to never repeat” or simply “the way of life”. And in every situation, all you can do is to take the best course of action to get out of it quickly.

Once you are done with this exercise, decide also not to think about it again. As long as you keep your mind in that same place, it’s gonna want to bring you back to those unpleasant memories.

Put your mind to work and let it focus on the future.

Let it focus on what good things you are planning to do for your brighter future and don’t let it sulk in the past. After all, you want and deserve the best future for yourself!

Try doing this exercise whenever you are stressed next time and let me know how it was helpful to you.